Events for Schools
Events for Schools

Throughout the year, we run a series of events for local schools which provide pupils with unique learning opportunities and support the learning that is done in school. Information about these events is contained in this section but if you would like more information, please contact the education officer.

Interfaith Event

This event for local schools will coincide with Inter Faith Week provides a unique opportunity for pupils to meet and talk to people from a variety of different faiths and religions. Representatives of several world religions will bring stories, pictures and artefacts along that allow school children to actively explore other religions and speak to those who practice other faiths and ask all relevant questions about them.

For dates, please contact us.

Takeover Day

Takeover Day is provides local children and young people to take over Petersfield Museum and the Flora Twort Gallery for the day. Takeover Day is a national event led by the Children’s Commissioner for England which gives children and young people the chance to shadow jobs, get involved in decision-making and offer their opinions on key issues.