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The History of Petersfield

4 April - 25 November 2017

We have a number of anniversaries to commemorate this year, from the centenary of Leonard Cheshire’s birth and the death of war poet Edward Thomas in France, to the 70th anniversary of the Petersfield Vets. With the changes to the museum this year, and the significant development planned with our Heritage Lottery Fund bid we will be looking back at the origins of the museum and the old Courthouse which it calls home.
As we prepare for the final excavations on Petersfield Heath, some of the latest discoveries from the Bronze Age barrows will be on display, alongside other local archaeological finds.

Edward Thomas, Wayfarer

4 April - 17 June, Temporary Exhibition Gallery

2017 marks the centenary of the death of Edward Thomas, a poet of international renown who produced his most celebrated work while living in Steep. This exhibition will take up the theme of the road or path and the influence this had on both the literature and the life of the poet. It will showcase published items from the significant collection of Tim Wilton-Steer, currently housed in our new Edward Thomas Study Centre, as well as original examples of Thomas’ writing. A selection of contemporary responses to Thomas’ work will include photographs taken by members of the Petersfield Photographic Society.

Georgian Petersfield

20 June - 2 September, Temporary Exhibition Gallery

2017 will mark the 200th anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. This exhibition will look at what Petersfield was like in Jane Austen’s time. A significant part of Petersfield’s history, the Georgian era brought change and development to the little market town.
Transport was an important theme at this time. Petersfield was a well-known staging post on the London to Portsmouth road and had many coaching inns to accommodate the traffic, which included military traffic passing through on the way to the Napoleonic wars.
There was building development throughout the town, from the market place to the first Churcher’s College and William Jolliffe’s Petersfield House. The Case of the Borough of Petersfield in 1820 marked a significant turning point in British democracy.

We Are Petersfield

5 September - 25 November, Temporary Exhibition Gallery

A first for Petersfield Museum, this will be a community curated exhibition. Museum staff will hand over the content of this final
exhibition of the year to the people of Petersfield. Working with local schools, community groups and interested individuals,
we will explore what living in Petersfield means to you. The display will showcase a combination of museum objects and loans from the community, as well as interviews with participants. Find out what makes Petersfield, Petersfield. As this exhibition will be curated by the community, we have no idea what it will look like yet! If you would like
to be involved, please contact the Assistant Curator at assistantcurator@petersfieldmuseum.co.uk or on 01730 262601.

exhibitions at the Flora Twort Gallery


Wedding Belles

4 April - 25 November

This exhibition looks at the changing fashions of wedding dresses over the ages, using examples from our own Bedales
Historic Dress Collection and loans from the local community. Wedding dresses not only
reflect the society and culture which created them, but also the identity of the bride herself. These garments are chosen carefully, and we have many well preserved
examples in our collection, due to the importance bestowed upon them. Following trends from Victorian times to the modern day, we will show how bridal fashions and
traditions have changed, which fabrics have been most popular and what it takes to make
a wedding dress today.

Inspired by the Word

Inspired by the Word is an exhibition by
contemporary artists celebrating the literature of Hampshire writers Jane Austen, Edward Thomas and Gilbert White at a number of sites across the county. Petersfield Museum will host artists working in multiple media reacting to the poetry of
Edward Thomas. 2017 marks the bicentenary of the death of Jane Austen in Winchester and the centenary of the death of Edward Thomas at Arras.

Flora Twort: Portraits

'Studies of Character, Charmingly Drawn'

4 April - 25 November

Flora Twort is best known for her townscapes of Petersfield, a number of which she exhibited at the Royal Academy
in London. Flora’s sensitive hand and ability to capture the character of friends and local people, however, also earnt her a strong reputation as a portrait artist. From drawings of her family completed while Flora Twort
was a student, to memorial portraits of servicemen killed in the Second World War, this exhibition tells the story of a life in
portraits. On display are sketches, loosely drawn but filled with confidence and personality, beside pastels, watercolours and oil paintings which display Flora Twort’s real insight and artistry in communicating what she called ‘A Little Town and some of its people.’


26 September - 7 October

6plus2 is a contemporary fine art group with
individual practices. Their collective interest is in realising projects that respond to historical and architectural spaces. Hold will focus on the Victorian Police Station recently purchased by Petersfield Museum . The
Museum’s four-year project Pathways into Petersfield’s Past will combine the Police Station with the Old Courthouse and other historic and educational facilities, creating a ‘new’ Museum complex and Victorian Justice
Heritage Site. Inspired by its disused holding cells, exercise yard, kitchen and outbuilding, the work will explore the concept of Hold with its many connotations and contexts. The exhibition will be displayed within the Police Station and Community Gallery
in the Museum. ww.6plus2artcollective.com

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