exhibitions at the Courthouse


The History of Petersfield

15 March - 26 November 2016

The main display at the Courthouse tells the history of Petersfield since the Stone Age. This year's exhibition includes a display about the First World War featuring the story of Petersfield's Commander Loftus William Jones VC, one on local photography, and displays on schools, trade and industry, and domestic life.

Communication through Time

15 March - 18 June 2016, Foyer

This temporary exhibition will reflect on our ways of communicating with each other and how it has been changed by technology, even before the advent of the internet, through print, the post, phone, radio and television. It will also look at how the railway has increased our levels and mobility and their impact on local communities.

Old Local Crafts and Industries

21 June - 13 August 2016, Foyer

This exhibition will show which industries developed in this area from Roman times to the early 20th century and which social and environmental factors contributed to this development.

Secrets of the High Woods

16 August - 24 September 2016, Foyer

This touring exhibition from the South Downs National Park Authority will introduce visitors to a recent LiDAR survey of the wooded downland to the south and southwest of Petersfield and exhibits from the Museum's own and other collections will illustrate the history that it has revealed.

Manufacturing, Trade and Services in 20th Century Petersfield

27 Sept - 26 Nov 2016, Foyer

Following the summer exhibition on old crafts and industries, this exhibition will investigate the shift in the local economy over a 100 year period from agriculture to light industries, services and retail and how that has been perceived by the locals.

exhibitions at the Flora Twort Gallery


Dressing for Sport

15 March - 26 November

With this year's Olympics in Brazil we seized the moment to scrutinise our historic dress collection for sportswear and we found some extraordinary pieces! A selection of male and female items will demonstrate how sports, and with them our relationship with our bodies, have changed over a 200 year period.

Temporary exhibitions

Community exhibitions

A range of exhibitions by local artists, schools and community groups showcasing their work in our community gallery.
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Flora Twort's Landscapes

15 March - 26 November

Flora Twort is predominantly known for her townscapes of Petersfield. However, she produced many stunning landscapes of the areas around the town, the Petersfield Heath and places in Britain and abroad using watercolour, oil and printing techniques, of which we show a representative selection.

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Hylton Estate papers online

The Petersfield Estates

Click on the document to look at the Hylton Estate Sale papers from 1911, which include details of many properties in Petersfield.

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